Going Solo

This is the first week you are on your own. At least in the gym where you will have no workout partner. This will be a good week for a self-assessment. Can you push yourself? Will you cheat yourself? Do you have the discipline to get to the gym while most of the world is still sleeping? Or will you take an extra day off and sleep a little longer?

The decisions you make this week will play a large part in your fitness success. This journey is ideally one you will be on the rest of your life. A mediocre output will result in mediocre success. But if you push through the barriers that your mind will create, you can find that you are able to do more than you imagined. This week will test whether you only have the desire to get fit or if you have the discipline to get fit.

Author: Tony Fine

Avid reader and working on becoming more than an occasional writer. Former mortarman attached to the 3rd Squadron 7th U.S. Cavalry (ARMY). Chasing wisdom through body, mind, and soul.

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