Your Expectations

What are your expectations? This question goes beyond fitness. It goes to your whole lifestyle. What are you expecting from yourself? Is the bar set high? If not, can we set it a little higher? Before you can achieve the level of fitness you are hoping for, you need to set some expectations for where you will be in the future. Imagine what you would look like 10 years from now if ate the right things and exercised consistently. Can you do that now? Can you eat right and exercise on a daily basis now? Create the vision of your future self and do the work necessary to obtain that vision. It will not be easy in the beginning. Temptation will be around every corner. It will take discipline to stay on track. You already have this desire for a better future within you. You have people that want to see and help you succeed. And the best part is this: You have the ability to make your dreams come true. Now go make it happen.

Author: Tony Fine

Avid reader and working on becoming more than an occasional writer. Former mortarman attached to the 3rd Squadron 7th U.S. Cavalry (ARMY). Chasing wisdom through body, mind, and soul.

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