Your Expectations

What are your expectations? This question goes beyond fitness. It goes to your whole lifestyle. What are you expecting from yourself? Is the bar set high? If not, can we set it a little higher? Before you can achieve the level of fitness you are hoping for, you need to set some expectations for where you will be in the future. Imagine what you would look like 10 years from now if ate the right things and exercised consistently. Can you do that now? Can you eat right and exercise on a daily basis now? Create the vision of your future self and do the work necessary to obtain that vision. It will not be easy in the beginning. Temptation will be around every corner. It will take discipline to stay on track. You already have this desire for a better future within you. You have people that want to see and help you succeed. And the best part is this: You have the ability to make your dreams come true. Now go make it happen.

Going Solo

This is the first week you are on your own. At least in the gym where you will have no workout partner. This will be a good week for a self-assessment. Can you push yourself? Will you cheat yourself? Do you have the discipline to get to the gym while most of the world is still sleeping? Or will you take an extra day off and sleep a little longer?

The decisions you make this week will play a large part in your fitness success. This journey is ideally one you will be on the rest of your life. A mediocre output will result in mediocre success. But if you push through the barriers that your mind will create, you can find that you are able to do more than you imagined. This week will test whether you only have the desire to get fit or if you have the discipline to get fit.

Get a Journal


Do you know what you did the last time you worked out your [fill in body part]? If you are not keeping a journal, then measuring your results (and your progress) is a guessing game. To stay in this game over the long haul, tracking your stats will help. If you don’t, you may find yourself doing the same things over and over again. If you want to stay the same, keep doing the same things. If you want to progress and get into the best shape of your life, you need to up the intensity. Depending on your goals this may mean adding weights or repetitions, running an extra mile, or doing something new. Find a way to push yourself a little harder. Measure it, write it, and then compare it.

Bad Nutritional Choices

You are struggling today because of the pizza you had last night. Take a look at what that pizza consists of:

• Bread (simple carbohydrates that rapidly break down into sugar)

• Tomato sauce (imagine the amount of commercial salt it is made with)

• Cheese, tons of it and probably not the healthy stuff.

Who knows what other toppings were on it, but the above are the basics. Now don’t get me wrong, I love pizza. Like most Americans, I have been eating it all my life. It is cheap, convenient, and tastes good. But is it good for you? Do you care?

If we are eating solely for the pleasure of our belly, we will never hit our fitness goals. A better alternative it to eat to fuel our bodies. This lifestyle journey we are on has fitness as its foundation. Why? It is a spring board to having more energy which in turn will increase our productivity. It is the gateway to greater confidence. If we can imagine our fit selves, do the work, and start to see results, then we can use that same approach to improve other aspects of our lives. We can become more disciplined. We can have more time. We can do more things. It begins with fitness.

No one expects an immediate change. This is not a fad diet we are on. Your change in diet can be incremental in the beginning. You can begin by reducing the amount of processed sugar you consume. In time, you can completely eliminate this from your diet. Why get rid of sugar? Read the 10 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad For You. Obesity, diabetes, increased risk of cancer? You don’t need it. Start making the changes today. If you need to, find substitutes or reduce your portions. You have people that love you and depend on you. If you can’t do it for yourself, then do it for them.