Implementing New Habits

What are you willing to change in order to make your vision a reality? If your daily routine is not getting the results you desire, then you have to change your routine.

For over seven years, my daily lunch break consisted of a quick bite and a nap. As I began intermittent fasting several months ago, the quick bite disappeared and I was left with only a nap. One day, Kia, my Delta 180 partner, and I decided to make a change to our daily lunchtime routine. We decided that instead of sitting for 40 minutes, we would walk for 40 minutes. This was definitely a change. All I could think about was my nap. For the next two weeks we walked on our break. In time, we started walking faster and covering longer distances. The walks became easier, and I was no longer missing my nap. Sometimes it is nice to just stroll and enjoy the fresh air, being mindful of the present and not actively engaging the mind. Other times, our minds are bursting with creativity and the walking session doubles as a strategic meeting. In either scenario there is no stress, just the positive release of endorphins.

Lunch Walk

If we take a moment to think about where we want to go in life, we can make small changes to our daily routine that can have a significant impact in the future. The daily walk helps me:

  • Achieve a calorie deficit that eventually will result in weight loss,
  • Strengthen my body allowing me to be more mobile,
  • Enhance my mental processes, and
  • Improve my state of happiness.

This is only after two weeks of walking. I can’t imagine the effects this will have if it becomes years of walking.

What habits can you create that will have a positive impact on your future? They don’t have to be ground-breaking changes. Maybe it is just swapping a soda for a water or parking your car a little farther away than usual. Small changes to your daily routine can eventually produce monumental results.