Willing to Prepare?

Do you know anyone that doesn’t want to be successful? I can’t think of anyone. Everyone, with the exception of a very few, wants to do well. They all want to succeed, but unfortunately not everyone will. There will be those that want it but never achieve it. The desire will keep them moving forward. It will keep their hopes alive. But desire is like motivation, it is not reliable. It will help, but it needs more. It needs action.

Action gets you moving on the road to success, but it takes more effort than desire. The action has to be controlled. It has to be directed. You can have the desire to run a marathon. You can go out and run with the hopes of achieving your desire. But if the running isn’t backed up with a plan, your chances of success are diminished.

You need to take your goals and create a plan. Figure out how you can achieve that which you desire. Doing so will harness that action and point it in the right direction. Sometimes you will need to make a plan that extends over months or even years. As long as you stick to it, and it’s doable, the length of time it takes is up to you. But regardless of length, you need to break it down into weekly and daily segments. What are you going to do each day? What are you going to do before you go to sleep at night? You need to be prepared. You need to set yourself up for success. If that means writing down your workout and setting your clothes out the night before, then do it. If you want your goal bad enough, you will do what it takes.

I had a conversation with two ladies today that have been slacking in their fitness routine. These two are partners in their quest to get in shape. They gave so many reasons for why they were not working out. Fellow Delta 180 founder, Kia, was with me and she quoted her grandmother:

Excuses are just lies. –Grandma Estelle

What are the lies you are telling yourself? If you lie enough, you may have to downgrade your goal to a pipe-dream. Stop telling yourself lies and do the work. Have a plan each day, every day, and achieve the mission. You have all the resources you need to be successful. But if you lie to yourself, you will fail.