Lewis R., The 1st Delta 180 Volunteer

Lewis R. became the first volunteer to sign up for the Delta 180 Project. This was an unexpected surprise as Kia and I were still in the infancy stages of creating this program. After much deliberation we moved our time tables up and decided to proceed. Lewis entered the program on March 4, 2018.

The first month was definitely an adjustment. Lewis works in a physically demanding job on an assembly line. To add a new fitness routine is a shock to a body already fatigued from the daily strain induced by manual labor. What we are trying to accomplish is not an after work program, it is a get your day started right program. The goal is to get the hardest part of the day over with before 6 a.m. That means we show up at the gym at 4:30. It takes time to get used to waking up that early in the morning. On average our morning sessions were starting 15-20 minutes late. But Lewis is a fighter. He wants to make a change.

Before Lewis entered the program, we had him fill out a short questionnaire. We wanted to know why he wanted to do this. We also wanted to see what his commitment level would be. Our goal for Delta 180 is not to be just a fitness program. We want it to go farther than that. We want it to affect the client’s lifestyle. The following statements, in his own words (mine in red), are the reasons why Lewis wanted to join:

  • What I need to do to achieve my goals in my five-year plan is to go back to school and finish my degree to achieve a job in the field I choose, live a healthier life while setting a good example for my son, and have a happy healthy home. The alternative to achieving my goal is being stuck at the same old job, doing the same things that I’ve always done. He is currently 6 classes short of having a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.
  • My fitness goals for this first six months are to lose around 50 lbs. and to gain muscle strength throughout my body, especially in my mid-section. The alternative is to be out of shape for the rest of my life, it all starts now!
  • My plan to achieve these goals is a strong regiment of exercise and diet control to help me lose weight. As for the life goals, I need to start some online classes in the summer to get back in the classroom.
  • I entered this program for a few reasons. Growing up I was always active, playing sports, working out, and doing general outdoor activities. I have always struggled with my weight!  I was one of those kids that went from a six pack to husky pants back to being in shape. Throughout high school I was in good shape thanks to a heavy regiment of workouts, usually twice a day.  But during this time, I didn’t have to worry about the food I took in because no matter the calories I took in I was going to burn them off.  The problem started when I continued this diet into college and almost completely stopped my activity! My freshman 15 was more like a freshman 40!  And it’s pretty much been that way ever since.  I joined this program to provide me with motivation to help me change to the person I want to be.  I have never been good at going to the gym on my own.  Like most people when I go work out I don’t really have any idea what to do, so I do some cardio and some weights and usually finish with some mat work, but never really get a” good workout” in.  I need a path to success that I can follow to my goals, and I am hoping this program can lead me there!

How many people are in the same situation? How many are stagnant in an unrewarding job that is far away from their desired professions? How many have struggled with their health because they made poor nutritional choices and became sedentary in their lifestyle? Lewis is not alone. There are others, many others. But Lewis doesn’t want to be in that category anymore. He wants to change, and he is.

In the first month, Lewis made radical improvements [see upcoming page of Monthly Fitness Test Results]. Our first month strategy was to get him used to the routine, learn how to move, and do the exercises. We focused on his strength in April. While his weight loss has been minimal in this second month, his strength gains have been phenomenal. Stay tuned to see his results from a 5×5 total body routine we modified from a Jim Stoppani article.

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